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Java Developer Salary Zambia in June 2024

Explore Java salaries in Zambia, Africa in June 2024 at companies like Meta, Meta and Discover Financial Services working as a Software Engineer (Technical Leadership) - Machine Learning, Privacy Engineer, Incident Response and Investigation and Principal Application Engineer (Full Stack). Last post

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Based on the data on JavaProHire unfortunately there isn't enough data to calculate salary distribution for Zambia in June 2024.

We are showing Remote Java Developer Salary instead.
The average salary as of June 2024 appears to be between ZMW118,597 and ZMW185,477 per year (before tax).

Java Zambia Salary Stats

Metric Salary lower bound Salary upper bound
Salary Range 10th percentile ZMW72,100 ZMW115,000
Salary Range 50th percentile ZMW116,000 ZMW180,000
Salary Range 90th percentile ZMW164,947 ZMW260,472
Average Salary Range ZMW118,597 ZMW185,477
Salary Standard Deviation ZMW35,868 ZMW58,404

Number of Salaries Quoted: 239

Java Zambia Salary Distribution

Java Zambia Salary Trends

The Chart below represents the maximum salary trend over time. When data points are available the chart shows outer p10 p90 percentiles, inner p25 and p75 percentiles and the median trending over time for Remote based jobs. Data as of June 2024

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